Pre-event workshops (Half day)


These pre-event workshops are designed to prime delegates for the conference sessions ahead, and provide an opportunity for more in depth discussions and knowledge sharing.

Choose one workshop from below:

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Workshop A: Data 'Infrastructure' - Setting the data foundations in advance of the need

This workshop uses a systematic approach to understanding the intangible data infrastructure (data, models, analytics and data flows) required to support future transport and mobility goals in a smart city.
In a highly interactive environment, the facilitator explains how to ‘work downward’ from agreed goals to the data elements required to support those goals.  This new approach is a first step toward planning a data strategy in advance of the demand in exactly the same way that planners should design and plan physical infrastructure in advance of the need.

The approach helps us understand the foundational role of key data intangible infrastructure in meeting key goals, and tackling related issues such as privacy, governance, business agreement terms and business models.
This workshop is suitable for practitioners tasked with providing improved customer services, new mobility related solutions or meeting transport, freight and mobility related city goals.

Key topics/takeaways:

  • Recognising and prioritising future-proofed data infrastructure elements versus those that are technology-dependent
  • Understanding the pivotal role of data and information to support future services
  • Going beyond the physical infrastructure into standards, IoT, and open data strategies

Dr Neil Temperley
Executive Product Manager - Future Cities
Transport and Logistics Living Lab Mentor, Data61 CSIRO

Workshop B: Clarifying Australian legislation for future vehicles – implications for the industry

Automated vehicles will fundamentally change transport and society by improving road safety, mobility, freight productivity and by reducing road congestion. To unlock these benefits, Australian governments recognise that planners need a nationally-consistent regulatory framework that embraces innovation and ensures automated vehicles are safe.

A phased reform program is underway so that conditionally automated vehicles can operate safely and legally on our roads before 2020, and highly and fully automated vehicles from 2020. This workshop offers an update involving legislation and regulatory reforms.

Key topics/takeaways:

  • Removing the legal barriers to automated vehicles
  • Ensuring that regulations and policies are nationally consistent
  • Supporting on-road trials of the technology
  • Ensuring that these vehicles can operate safely

Marcus Burke
Project Director - Compliance & Technology
National Transport Commission

Workshop C: Transforming your digital supply chain

Key topics/takeaways:

What are the most effective methods for increasing end to end visibility in your Digital Supply Chain?

  • Using analytics, advanced robotics & sensor technology to transform supply chain efficiency
  • What impact will BLOCKCHAIN have on Supply Chain Management
  • Bridging the gap between connectivity and value & Providing a reliable, ubiquitous network
  • Technology integration and interoperability challenges
  • Generating value from IoT and proving the ROI through test cases and pilots
  • Increasing digitisation of supply chain while managing security risks

Charlie Macdonald
Chief Information Officer Australia & New Zealand 
DB Schenker