AARC Demonstration Day


Breakfast, Opening by Minister, Demonstration of Linfox Logistics Control Room

The day will commence with a breakfast at Linfox Head Office, Essendon Fields at 7am for a 7.30 am start.

Delegates will be welcomed by CEO of Linfox, Mark Mazurek and then addressed by Minister Ben Carroll, Minister for Industry and Employment who will speak on government priorities in the sector.

Linfox will demonstrate the Linfox capability with an exclusive explanation of the dynamic incab dashboard for their drivers, plus the network control over logistics operations will be shared with delegates. Demonstrating the interaction and consolidation of multiple devices, through to sources of information being used for planning, measuring and monitoring.

The event will close with an address by the General Manager of AARC, Ari Suss who will invite delegates to the rest of the day’s events at the Australian Automotive Research Centre. Travel to the centre will be provided by buses which will leave from the Linfox Head Office and at the end of the day return to Hyatt Place Hotel, Essendon Fields.

IMPORTANT:  Delegates should wear warm clothes and comfortable, walking shoes.

Arrival at the Australian Automotive Research Centre will commence with a CarAdvice.com sponsored morning tea.

Bus Tour of AARC

Due to events of the day being limited to a small number of site facilities, the bus tour will include many of the other specialist facilities of the AARC. This tour will describe the history and development of the centre including planned expansion of capacity to incorporate new areas to for the research, development, testing and certification of new autonomous modes of mobility.

MUARC Simulator & Caradvice.com interviews

Monash University Research Centre is conducting, as part of a PHD thesis, trials of drivers in a vehicle simulator, testing the stage at which drivers resume control of a vehicle from autonomous mode. The determination of threshold events is important in understanding the likely reaction times and stimulants to this action in any implementation or development of new autonomous vehicle technologies. Participants will undertake a session in the simulator and answer a series of questions following the activity. The event will start with a description of the project and the importance of the findings by Professor Brian Fildes, PhD.

Automated Emergency Braking (AEB)

Monash University Accident Research Centre will also demonstrate AEB operation, adjacent to their vehicle simulator.

There are three types of AEB operation:

1. Low speed: for speeds below 30km/h, it has the potential to eliminate or reduce injuries, such as whiplash, and minimise vehicle damage.
2. Higher speed: long-range radar scans up to 200 metres ahead and applies auto brakes in emergencies.
3. Pedestrian: radar and cameras are employed to detect pedestrians, cyclists and animals

Utilising an inflatable vehicle as an obstruction, MUARC staff will demonstrate the effectiveness of the AEB system in a live demonstration.

Braking Demonstration with Linfox truck and a car on the Highway Circuit

This activity will involve a Mercedes B Double vehicle and a passenger vehicle demonstrating lane keeping and braking capacity.  This demonstration will be carried out on both wet and dry surfaces. Most drivers do not appreciate the stopping distances of vehicles and this activity will provide dramatic, dynamic evidence of the relative capacities of braking systems.

Transurban will be sponsoring a BBQ lunch for all delegates.

Volvo demonstration truck on ADR circuit

This activity will involve a detailed description of the autonomous features of the latest Volvo vehicles.

The features of the Volvo truck will include:

• Navigation
• Dynamic Steering
• Stretch Braking
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Collision Warning
• Emergency Braking
• Lane Keeping
• Driver Alert
• Lane Changing Support
• Electronic Stability Program

Delegates will all receive a briefing on the Volvo truck and then have the option of participating in a circuit ride in the truck on the dynamic handling area.

Bosch Demonstration

This demonstration by Bosch, demonstrates an autonomous system, correcting vehicle behaviour where the driver, terrain or neighbouring traffic has caused a dangerous situation which can cause jack-knifing or rollover of a vehicle or trailer/caravan.

Bosch’s Trailer Safety Control System incorporates a few separate components, all working in conjunction with the trailer control module. As with any ABS systems, wheel speed sensors are used to measure the speed of each individual wheel, while a yaw sensor built into the control unit watches out for any trailer sway or extreme manoeuvres that might lead to a dangerous situation.

This information is monitored up to 30 times per second, with the control unit interpreting the data to detect any hazardous situations as they arise.
Along with preventing brake lock-up under harsh braking, the system can apply the brakes to each individual wheel to control trailer sway and maintain stability during harsh manoeuvres.
Both of these attributes will be demonstrated, with the system fitted to a Jayco caravan towed behind a Ford Ranger ute.   The benefits of the ABS will be demonstrated on the skid pan, both with and without the system activated. The demonstration will include an evasive manoeuvre involving swerving into the next lane while coming to an emergency stop.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia (RDA) smart suspension and demonstration

Rheinmetall Defence Australia is based in Melbourne and operates in key locations around Australia. In March of this year the Australian government announced its intention to buy Rheinmetall’s Boxer multipurpose wheeled armoured vehicle under the Land400 Phase 2 program. A program valued in excess of 2 billion Euro comprising 211 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles. AARC is a major test and development centre for RDA.  A variety of vehicles will be demonstrated on a purpose-built course duplicating extreme terrain conditions and the operating capacity of vehicles.

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